Personal Protection Mist


Purifies & Sanitizes

This sanitizing and purifying mist is created from food-grade ingredients to protect you from pathogens contracted on your hair, clothes, shoes, and even accessories. The powerful combination of organic grain alcohol, colloidal copper, and colloidal silver is proven to destroy harmful bacteria. Frankincense essential oil is also a great antiseptic with a blissful aroma, keeping you healthy and happy all year round.

Ingredient Highlights:

  • Colloidal Copper – naturally antibacterial, promotes healing
  • Colloidal Silver – kills viral, fungal, and bacterial organisms
  • Ethyl Alcohol (Grain Food-Grade Alcohol) – disinfectant that works gently to kill bacteria, does not disturb the microbiome of your skin, safe alternative to toxic antibacterial substances, does not promote the proliferation of mutated bacteria
  • Frankincense – antiseptic properties, pleasant aromatic properties

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4.0 oz


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