PEMF Grounding Mat


The Grounding Mat is great for applying PEMF therapy to arms, hands, legs and feet, as well as other smaller parts of the body!

Food, water, sunlight & oxygen are required for life, but there is a 5th element of health that is equally vital – Earth’s Magnetic Field and its corresponding pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF)

The beneficial effects of Earth’s magnetic field are taken for granted by most of us, and we never even think what life would be like to be without them. The modern world is filled with electrosmog: natural magnetism is attenuated or masked by electrical, radio and radar equipment. Our environment is full of concrete, steel, asphalt, and cars: all these separate us from Nature and deprive us of the necessary dose of the natural vitalizing energy of the Earth. Similar to sunlight, water, air and gravitation, the magnetic field is another basic biological component of our survival. Exposure to natural energy fields is a requirement of human life. These energy fields interact with our cells, and are necessary for homeostasis (the dynamic balance of our internal environment) and maintaining our bodies at an optimal level.